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i'm waiting for the poison in your blood to reach your heart. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
...dressed in black and trying not to laugh...

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"if you don't fight, there's no prolonging" [Oct. 9th, 2005|12:56 am]
...dressed in black and trying not to laugh...

rest in peace papa... we love you and we'll miss you.

my mom and i had planned to go see papa last night, but we got word that he wasn't doing well at all and so she picked up my brother and me from school early to go see him.  when we got to grandma's, the whole gang was already there... everybody was talking to him, and even though he couldn't talk back or really move, he was listening and smiling.  we sang the pissonya song for him and we laughed about all the fun we all had together.  we each got to give him a kiss and tell him we loved him, and he kissed back and whispered that he loved us too.  it took everything he had to barely whisper the words, but he did it.  my dad, uncle jim and papa decided a long time ago that if papa was ever unable to speak, he would give the 'ok' sign with his hands to let them know he was alright... papa remembered that, and he gave the sign three times. i know it meant everything to my dad and uncle. it really did.  i talked to papa and he listened, and i held his hand.  i was giving him water on a sponge and i put some carmex on his lips and when i asked if that was better, he whispered 'yeah'.. i'm glad i could help a little. fr. ed came over and did a mass for him too so papa could get communion for the last time.  when i gave him a kiss for the last time last night, he gave me the sign of the cross and blessed me. seeing him and being able to say goodbye to him meant the world to me...

today, i went to grandma's again to see him and he was so much worse than yesterday... he didn't open his eyes at all. he was trying to acknowledge us, but he just couldn't because he was so drugged up on pain medication.  we sat with him and talked with him, and we were all there with him again.  uncle jim, joey and i went to church, and when we came back, papa was gone... we sat with grandma and all the cousins came back... we all cried together and it was just so heartbreaking.  he was one of the most exceptional men i've ever met... i'm gonna miss him more than anyone could ever know. 

rest in peace, pops. it's just not the same without you...

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"are you kidding me? i wore this shirt the last time we were in detroit?!?!" [Sep. 24th, 2005|04:10 pm]
...dressed in black and trying not to laugh...
[Current Mood |bouncyi love HC and AP]

i guess i have a lot of updating to do!

thursday night i skipped the awards night to go to the socratic, houston calls and amber pacific concert at alvin's with joey, my mom and aunt kristen.  we pulled up to alvin's and i started freaking out cuz i could see tom and josh (vocals/guitar and drums for houston calls).  seeing as tom and i talk online and stuff, i went up to him and he remembered my name...and introduced me to everyone as the "cool cheerleader". i talked with okie (keyboards) for a little while before going back to wait in line with my family.  shortly after, they sent me to check on why we weren't being let in yet... when i did that, i saw greg standing there (bassist for amber pacific, who i also talk to frequently).  i called his name and held up the "happy birthday greg" sign i made for him... he laughed, came over and we talked for a long time. then we went over and talked with jarrett and tom...and we made fun of greg and his oil-stained bane sweatshirt. haha. oh lord.

finally we got let inside and catalog only went onstage. they were alright i guess. the guy playing keyboard was hilarious cuz he was getting so into it.  when the outline went on, i sat at the only table in the place with my mom and my aunt when greg came up to me and asked if i wanted to hang out with him in the back... so i went back with him and we talked for probably a half hour before he had to go check on some stuff so i talked a lot with dango (AP drummer). he apologized for being mean and making fun of me at warped cuz he didn't mean to be mean... haha and he thanked me for coming like a million times.  He asked if i knew any of the other bands there and i told him i talk with tom quite a bit... and that was when they realized my "midwest accent". they made fun of me for the rest of the night.  tom and jarrett (HC) and justin and will (AP) came over and talked with us.  justin threw the HC merch guy in a merch bin and then he tried to climb the pipes on the wall. he explained that he wasn't quite ADD so he can't be medicated... hahah. it was really cute.  then he and i discovered that we have the same birthday. he was looking at the pics on my camera and he saw the pics from warped... and he realized he was wearing the same shirt that he did for warped so he went to the RV to change. haha. what a kid.  greg came back and he and i watched tv on his cell phone. haha. we sat on the steps and talked while will took pictures of us with his phone. haha. how cute.  okie and i talked a little bit more, i got in a fight with jarrett (since they weren't gonna play 'conversations with the wind', and i made them play it). haha. the HC guys and the AP guys had a rock-paper-scissors slap war and it may have been the funniest thing i've ever seen. will asked if i wanted to play, but i definitely turned him down after seeing everyone elses' hands all red and swollen. haha.

houston calls went onstage and they were SOOOOO awesome. i thanked jarrett for playing 'conversations with the wind' for me too. :-)  then amber pacific went on... and i was right up front against the stage. i was so close i could see hair falling out of matt's head every time he shook his head. haha. he spits when he sings too. ha. oh well. i felt bad for him cuz the guys in socratic got him sick. justin, greg and dango kept looking my way and smiling and stuff. it was really cute. at midnight, greg looked at me and i mouthed "happy birthday" and he got really excited. ahahaha.  the guys were sooo  amazing. i had the time of my life. the best part was, there were only about 25 people there. it was so small. dango thanked my mom and aunt kristen for bringing me to the concert because i was the only one that they remembered meeting at warped tour that went to the show.  when we were leaving, i said bye to tom and greg, and the merch guy of HC asked if he could kiss me. haha. i told him no because my mom was right there and he said, "aww yeah... that would be kinda awkward... but WHAT'S GOING ON WITH YOU AND GREG? he wants you hardcore. i can tell." haha. now, that's not the case, but i wish it was because greg is adorable. haha. oh well. it was definitely an amazing concert. :-)

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"i hate to interrupt your discussion, but CHECK OUT THIS ANIMAL CRACKER!!!" [Sep. 18th, 2005|12:20 am]
...dressed in black and trying not to laugh...
[Current Mood |bouncysooo happy]

what a night... :-)

so we had a game tonight in ann arbor against gabriel richard. congrats boys on the win. :-)  adam came to the game to watch me cheer... and he and i talked at halftime. he looked so cute, and all the girls on the team kept walking back and forth to get a look at him. haha. he was making fun of me as usual, but it was too bad we didn't get to hang out longer.  he stayed away from my parents cuz he's afraid my dad's gonna kick his ass one of these days. haha. oh jeez.  anywho, at the end of the game, i walked over to him and he said "do you get embarrassed easily? cuz i've got some flowers for you..." and it was so sweet. he walked me over to my stuff and my team and gave me a kiss on my forehead. the whole team did the "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" thing and he was the one who got embarrassed. hahaha.  it was so sweet.

adam, thanks for everything. you're the best.

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"there was a hill over there and it kinda took me by surprise..." [Sep. 17th, 2005|12:05 am]
...dressed in black and trying not to laugh...

what a night!  i know i haven't updated in almost 2 weeks... oh well. i've been REALLY busy. school has been kicking my ass... anyways...

tonight i went to sara's... and she and michelle were there, along with petey, glenny and kerchner.  we thought it would be a good idea to play hungry hungry hippos again. that was great. my hippo wasn't defective this time.  sara and glenny played twister... sort of... ;-) haha. anywho, somehow petey started the playing football (with a basketball) in the basement.  3 on 3 tackle football. oh lord. it was great. somehow i even ended up with blood on my shirt... and it wasn't mine. hahaha. anywho, football was sweet.  it got a little hot downstairs ;-) so then we all went outside and had a water bottle fight while petey looked for the ball that he threw into the yard.  he ended up throwing it back onto the deck, hitting all of us in the head at least once. haha "there was a hill over there and it kinda took me by surprise... did any of you see me wipe out?" haha. oh petey.  then we called devon to harrass him, one of the hockey coaches called me, and then we all fought some more.  we went back in the basement, had an orgy in the bedroom and took tons of pictures.  good god. i love you crazy kids so much.  sara, thanks for having us over. you're the bestest times infinity and 7.

i have the best friends in the world. it's official. sara and mich, you guys are amazing. :-)

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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2005|12:32 am]
...dressed in black and trying not to laugh...

at this time, i'd like to mention that last night, i went to nikki's. a great time was had by all as devon "kept me warm", sara flopped like a fishy astronaut, and breuer felt up the dog.  i love those kids. they're nuts.


...and adam just walked to my house. oh lord. :-)

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"i'm thinking about what all the poor people are out there doing...cuz it sure as hell ain't this!" [Sep. 4th, 2005|11:17 pm]
...dressed in black and trying not to laugh...
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

i needed today.

i spent the first half of my day with my family... papa wasn't doing too great, but i'm so glad i got to see him. i never know if it'll be my last time. i went out on the boat for the last time of the year with kimba and nicole too.  we had a lot of fun. i <3 them.  uncle bobby was over too. god, he's a hoot.
              grandma: "are you guys talkin dirty out here?"
              uncle bobby: "no, we're just talking about tits."
there were so many bees over at grandma's cottage so uncle jim, uncle bobby, uncle scooter and my dad took it upon themselves to cover them with cups to suffocate them.  haha. so then when uncle bobby went to crush the cups, we couldn't find the bees, thus making all of us laugh very hard.  later we found a dead bee. haha. oh lord. i guess you had to be there. i called joey an ass, and uncle bobby said he'd add a 'hole' in there.  after that, the dobek boys and all of the other guys came over to take our boat hoist out of the water... i hate labor day weekend cuz it's the official end of summer. the boat is out too. :'(

after taking care of everything at my house, we went to uncle matt's to take out his jet ski and boat hoist and stuff.  because he thought he "tore something in his shoulder", he just supervised. hahaha. oh jeez. he was getting a lot of shit for that.  anywho, shortly after that, i left and adam walked me out to my car, gave me his number and told me to call him later cuz they were having a bonfire...

my dad and i ended up going back to uncle matt's anyways for the bonfire so i got to hang out with marty, mark, adam, troy, jeff, rich and christina.  we had so much fun.  adam kept singing to kenny chesney and it was hilarious.  marty, the all star boy scout, made a great fire too. hahaha. adam took pics of everyone with his phone and then he started sending me text messages...when i was sitting RIGHT there. "hey, bring me my jager".  haha. we laughed and had a great time. i know they're all gonna be hurting in the morning though.
          dad: "i saw you drinking the jager..."
          me: "umm....."
         dad: "well, did you like it?"
         me: "no?"
         dad: "oh, okay."

haha. glad i didn't get in trouble. :-)

i had a blast today... it feels good to be happy again. "on the count of 3, everybody yell 'IT'S ALL GOOD!'"

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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2005|09:54 pm]
...dressed in black and trying not to laugh...
well originally, i was ready to chalk up today as one of the worst days of my life... but ya know what? i'm sure it could have been way worse.  thanks to everyone who said something nice to me today... because the nice things you said far outweighed the bad stuff.  you guys are the best and i love you.
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(no subject) [Aug. 25th, 2005|10:51 pm]
...dressed in black and trying not to laugh...

so much for the radiation being "more successful than they could have ever hoped for"... suddenly we find out that the cancer spread to some of his major organs...


my grandpa only has a couple weeks to live...please pray for him.

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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2005|11:29 pm]
...dressed in black and trying not to laugh...
[Current Mood |sadsad]

well, so long, sweet summer. 


it wasn't one of my best ones, but it will be missed nonetheless.



SeNiOrS  '06...what what?! :-)


p.s. come visit me at my locker. i can show you the shrine dedicated to the man i'm marrying...kevin call.

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(no subject) [Aug. 23rd, 2005|10:20 am]
...dressed in black and trying not to laugh...
[Current Music |none because mich stole my cauterize cd.]

"umm... i recently turned 18 and i'd like to celebrate..."

jacque likes to spit her gum in the air and catch it with her hood. :-)



... and i'm sorry...

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